Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our Technology makes Healthcare recruitment process effortless by providing an outstanding experience for both Recruiters and Candidates. It can help in the process of recruiting but can not replace the human touch, instincts, and experience when it comes to hiring the best candidates.

The utilisation of AI implies that the HR staff invests less energy search through profiles and continues. Our Artificial intelligence can diminish the number of days it takes to fill a position.

Extraordinary Experiences

Not exclusively do human resource departments take their tasks to the cloud (wp.vesedia.com) to store data about applicants, yet they can likewise post positions from one gateway that can contact numerous stages to arrive at both dynamic and inactive ability pools. This improves the probability of finding the perfect individual for the position.

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Our Core Values


Passion in all that we do. We are passionate about our business, our brand and our customers. We strive to serve our customers through the high quality of our service. We promote a positive, energising, optimistic, fun and creative work environment. We are passionate about the people we place and the career path that we help them to follow, thus offering a positive solution to both candidates and clients alike. We take pride in ourselves and our work.

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We develop a deeper understanding of their business and of people in order to work better together and maximise our total contribution. We have a learning approach, always seeking to understand better. Underpinning all of our work, we think and act with integrity. We must earn our reputation every day. We are determined to make our business solutions and services the best in the business. The quality of service delivered defines the industry standard.


Through collaboration we multiply our contribution. Together, we are stronger and can contribute more. Shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success, putting the interests of the whole company before each individual branch. We are accountable for the company’s successes and failures. We build on each other’s strengths. We look for ways to help each other. We keep an open mind and listen constructively. We treat each other fairly, with courtesy, candour and sensitivity. We encourage diversity.


We act with a sense of urgency. We are innovative and creative. We are encouraged to question, participate and make recommendations. We value leadership. We continuously develop our skills and broaden our knowledge. With flexibility and innovation, we produce new value.


We aspire to maintain a positive attitude by always expecting the best possible outcome in every situation. We exhibit a can-do attitude in our work every day when we interact with our colleagues and clients.

Our Team

Alex Zaslavsky, MD Co-founder & CEO

An innovative mind and co-creator of iHubMD. Helping to create technology to ease clinicians hiring and onboarding.

Our Team

Alex Zaslavsky, MD Co-founder & CEO

An innovative mind and co-creator of iHubMD. Helping to create technology to ease clinicians hiring and onboarding.